How To Make A Bong

How To Make A Bong

Have you ever ran out of skins and you either can not be bothered going to the shop or the shop is shut! Or you do not like smoking spliffs but do not want to spend money on buying a bong. Well you can make your own bong using only household items in about 5 minutes, all you have to do is follow these simple steps and the next thing you know you will be ripping your very own home made bong!!!

Can’t we all just get a Bong?

Cant we all just get a bong?

Materials Needed To Make A Bong:

plastic bottle (1 litre is the best size)


kitchen foil

metal pipe



How To Make A Bong – Step By Step Instructions:

How To Make A Bong – Step 1:

First that the lid off your bottle, then slowly burn a small hole at the place where you want your down-pipe to go. Make sure you do not make this hole to big as your downpipe will not have a nice fit and your bong will not toke. Make another hold higher than the downpipe hole, this hole is the rush hole make it to a size so that you can cover it with your thumb.

How To Make A Bong – Step 2:

Now get your pipe and push it in the hole where you want your downpipe to go. Then cut the pipe so that it goes in to the bottom of your bottle and comes out and if far enough away form the bottle so you do not burn it. This pipe will be used as your downpipe make sure it is a metal that will not give off any fumes when burned.

How To Make A Bong – Step 3:

Slide your pipe that has been cut to length in the correct hole. Make sure the pipe fit in the bottle tightly. Cover the rush hole and suck and you will be able to notice if any air is being sucked through any gaps around the downpipe hole.

How To Make A Bong – Step 4:

Get a small square of tin foil and put very small holes in it with a pair of scissors of a knife. This will be used as a gauze. Place it in the end off the downpipe of metal tubing and make it into a little cup. I think the bigger the cup better as you can fit more weed in it.

How To Make A Bong – Step 5:

Now put water in the bottom of the bottle, enough so that the bottom of the downpipe is covered. Then grind up some cannabis and place it on the bowl. Now cover the rush hole and light the weed and suck. The bottle should fill up with smoke, when it does take ur finger off the rush hole and suck in as hard as you can.